Event Management

T.E.A. Productions can be your “one stop shop” for your event, as we provide total event management.

Services include:

Pre-Site Inspection

  • We provide on-site inspection and consultation, complete with boundary layouts, crowd flow patterns and landscaping, as needed.


  • City, county and state permits are always required for any event and generally require detailed information about your event.  T.E.A. will help you manage the red tape, step by step.


  • Budgeting has become a critical component of today’s special event and festival scene.  T.E.A. sees a strong disciplined approach as a necessity in the current economy.


  • Securing sponsorships can be a make-or-break part of event planning. T.E.A. can help you get the right attention and support for your event or festival.


  • We will help you establish a strong network of ticketers locally and regionally.  We will provide you with all of the possibilities for the success of the event.


  • Specialty vendors can be the “sleeper” success of an event or festival.  We will help you establish a well-rounded menu of food and corporate vendors to enrich the festival experience.
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